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why a track gps?


Save Money, Save Time

The proof is in the fuel tank. Whether your business runs a fleet of 1, 10 or 1000 vehicles, gps tracking can pay for itself for an entire year within a few thousand kilometres of usage using route optimization alone.


Increase driver productivity

4.5 hours is lost per employee every week due to time theft.


Reduce drive time

You can cut drive time in half and serve more customers.


Prevents Time Theft

Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking makes your mobile assets completely transparent. You won't ever have to worry about your workforce arriving late or leaving job sites early, what speed they are driving, if they are taking the scenic routes or taking long lunch breaks, or heading to the local watering hole.


Improve Fleet Utilization

GPS vehicle tracking allows you to make sure your vehicles are not being used for side jobs and personal use - saving you thousands in expenses and most of all giving you peace of mind.

Who We Are

A Track Intelligent Web GPS Tracking System is a GPS/GSM digital tracking device developed by A.T. Dunia Water Sdn Bhd. and was successfully implemented in December 2007.

Global Positioning System or GPS is not new and to many of us, we commonly associate it with the marine industry for accurate navigation and also marking our favourite fishing spots. But with the advancement of IT Technology, GPS has known to become a common tool that can be found in cars for navigating in cities, jungle tracking, surveying and even in our everyday use, mobile phones!

About A TRACK System

A Track Intelligent Web GPS Tracking System provides an enhanced and comprehensive Fleet, Safety & Security Management service for both the corporate sector and individual vehicle owners. A Track provides a convenient and easy to use system that allows its customers to view and track their vehicle’s current & historical location live on a Google Map or our own AT Map, anytime, anywhere.

In an ever increasing cost environment, A TRACK provides a corporation’s or a company’s management with the power to monitor their vehicles and manage their fleet efficiently. By monitoring and knowing where your company’s vehicles are, and the route that it is traveling, has a great impact on ones cost savings. Especially in making sure that your vehicle is not going out of its assign route which will cost a company more fuel usage and unproductive time. Knowing exactly where your vehicles are will also help operation staffs to save time from trying to locate a vehicle that is closest to a targeted location.

With A TRACK, operation staffs need only to look at all its vehicles’ location on the digital map on the computer and contact the vehicle which is nearest to its target. Instead of calling drivers one by one, this convenience can be achieved with a click of the mouse! This automatically saves you time and not to mention telephone cost.

With A TRACK, because drivers now know that they are being monitored, they will be more conscious about how they operate their vehicles. A TRACK is able to monitor and store one’s driving habits and give a full report on whether a driver leaves their vehicle idling for a long period of time or if a driver is speeding and this is why Safety Management is a key function of A TRACK.

We hear of vehicle theft and hijacking almost on daily basis now, So, how do we manage security? With A TRACK, once a vehicle has been found stolen, vehicle owners can locate the stolen vehicle immediately and inform the police of the location of the stolen vehicle.